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Thank you for visiting. I hope you have found this VW M-Plate decoder useful. Please feel free to contact me via this page, but I would ask that you please use the guidlines below to best route your inquiry or comment.

If you would like to follow my boring twitter tweets, I can be located here.

  • If you are not a member of thesamba.com then you are missing out on the web's greatest classic VW enthusiast resource and I encourage you to join. However, if that is not possible then please feel free to use this page to send me a message if you have any trouble with the site or have any suggestions.
  • If you ARE a member of thesamba.com, and are here to ask a support question or provide some constructive feedback, then please use this thread to post your message.
  • Always remember to include your entire M-Plate codes (and let me know which section is which) when asking about why certain codes decode or do not decode as you expected.
  • All messages unrelated to support, suggestions or decoder accuracy may be sent using this page as to avoid cluttering the support thread on thesamba.com.

Also, I would ask that you please do not send me any hate mail. I get enough upsetting and depressing news every time I turn on the tube and see our national leaders further destroying our nation--but that's a whole different issue! ;-)

Thank you again for visiting,
Khris Woodring

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