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Volkswagen Type 2 Bus M-Plate Decoder

1968 - 1969
1968 - 1969 BOX DIAGRAM

1970 - 1979
1970 - 1979 BOX DIAGRAM

Credits, Bugs, Details...

Credit for much of the M-Code data goes to the good folks over at the type2.com mailing list (primarily Vincent Molenaar). The resources there are primarily what I used to build this system.
I have also gotten a lot of help from members at thesamba.com. Without these people's help, this would not be possible.

Please post questions and bug reports on thesamba.com in this topic: http://www.thesamba.com/vw/forum/viewtopic.php?t=342305 or use the contact page.
If you have information on missing m-codes or questionable m-codes (marked with ???) please post them there as well. Thank you, Khris Woodring.

Also, whoever those m-plate images belong to, sorry--I just grabbed two that were legible. I'd love it if someone has some perfect straight-on pictures of both a 68-69 and 70-79 m-plate they would share with me.

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